Investment review

What is Investment Review?

QGCDG provides whole of government assurance over significant digital and ICT enabled initiatives to verify:

  • strategic whole of government and agency business alignment;
  • the application of best practice to ensure initiatives are planned for success;
  • that initiatives represents a wise investment; and
  • to identify potential for cross agency collaboration.

The Investment Review supplements existing agency governance arrangements with independent reviews at set points within the initiative lifecycle by reusing initiative gated assurance and presenting this for review by the Data and ICT Deputy Directors-General Sub-Group (Data and ICT Sub-Group).

This process is also used where necessary to inform the Minister for ICT, the Cabinet Budget Review Committee and Cabinet on noteworthy initiatives.

Does your agency have a digital strategy, program or project and want to align with the digital priorities and principles? Have a look at our DIGITAL1ST factsheet to see where to start!

Last Reviewed: 03 November 2021