Expand your team with an IT graduate

Our program continues to grow from strength to strength, we are regarded as a professional graduate leadership program of choice for the Queensland Government. The Queensland Government IT Graduate Program offers recent university graduates the opportunity to take up an exciting role with any Queensland Government department or agency in a range of IT-related technical and non-technical roles.

Program purpose

ICT talent is notoriously hard to attract and keep, we continue to grow strategies to find the best and brightest for Queensland Government. The creativity and innovative approach the IT Graduates bring cannot be under estimated, the support of this program is imperative to the growth of our Queensland government IT workforce to meet the forecasted needs of the future. The program is designed to complement a department’s existing workforce strategy by meeting the specific skill shortages in IT roles and developing skills in the areas needed most.

What’s in it for departments?

In return for employing a graduate, Queensland Government agencies can employ skilled, creative and innovative university graduates.

The Queensland Government Chief Information Office (QGCIO) hosts the whole-of-government program, providing:

  • management of a two-year IT Graduate Program that recruits for both technical and non-technical roles with dedicated resources to take care of all the program needs
  • supporting departments with cutting edge recruitment finding the most relevant candidates
  • providing a welcome forum so all new participants can meet their fellow graduates and new supervisor/mentor
  • a three-day induction at the start and graduation ceremony at the end of the program
  • an information session for all supervisors and mentors
  • providing professional leadership training, lunch box sessions and networking sessions
  • comprehensive program marketing, including careers fair attendance
  • continuous improvement of the program based on feedback from departments.

The Queensland Government Chief Information Office provides a high level of support and guidance to all new graduates. This is what some of our participating departments/agencies think;

“professionally managed recruitment and development program, providing a caring graduate network which facilitates career advancement”.

“the program brings new talent, viewpoints and ideas to our work area while helping to shape a newer mind set and help them grow”.

“the professionalism of the program attracts quality applicants and then the on-going support doesn’t end once the graduate commences”.

“we have excellent candidates who are keen to develop their skills in government”.

“we are always short staffed so to have the graduates it has been a god-send”.

How does it work?

Participating departments nominate how many graduates their department requires for the next intake. Numbers are dependent on your unique budget and employee FTE restrictions. Departments directly employ the graduate/s on a temporary basis at the AO3-1 classification level (or equivalent) for two years and QGCIO manages the program including, training and development and ongoing support.


Potential graduate candidates register their interest for the program through the Queensland Government Graduate Portal. After the close of registrations (2019 registrations will re-open in July 2018), QGCIO will review the registered candidates. QGCIO then works with a recruitment partner to screen, test, video interview and gather information from each potential candidate. Through this process, candidates get to choose two graduate roles that best suit their qualification and interest. QGCIO provides the final list of potential candidates to participating departments, ranked top to least scoring and separated into graduate role types. Participating departments then shortlist, interview and appoint candidates in-house (2018 Master recruitment timeline (DOCX, 23.45 KB)).

What’s the cost?

The program remains good value for money, participating departments pay $6000+GST for each graduate for the two-year program. Included in the cost is the first part of the recruitment process including screening, testing, information gathering, video interviews and sorting by graduate roles. All training and development listed on our training calendar (below link) and supply of a tablet for all training materials is also included (unless business areas wish to provide BYO device to graduate/s for a discount of $250 per graduate). Departments will be invoiced shortly after the start of the program for the full program cost.

Number of graduates

The number of graduates your department chooses to take on is an independent decision. Consideration should be given to the amount of work, number of vacant FTE positions you have available and your budget. Generally, the program numbers are capped at 50 graduates per intake. We took 34 graduates in the 2017 intake and 22 graduates have commenced for the 2018 cohort.

Training and development

Our new training plan has proven very successful, other departments are mirroring our modules and program model. The majority (80%) of the training is delivered in the first year with a focus on getting the graduate established and supporting them with the best soft skills/government focused development. The second year has a focus on the host department, including engaging graduates in activities that enhances their thinking about their contributions to improve business and delivery outcomes. The second year gives an opportunity for departments to set up formal rotations, enrol them in role-specific training and/or give graduates more complex work/projects and for the graduates to focus on their career development (refer to proposed two-year training and development plan (DOCX, 109.45 KB) for the 2018 group).


To apply for the 2019 Queensland Government IT Graduate Program a potential candidate must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • have graduated or be about to graduate from an Australian university and hold a degree, graduate diploma, masters or PhD qualification completed within the last two years
  • be willing to work mainly in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

We will not take any candidate registrations after 23 July 2018 for the 2019 program.

Graduate roles

We have 27 specific roles that we recruit for as part of the program. A full list of these roles and role profiles are hosted on our website. If you are looking to fill a role that is not listed on our website, just let us know and we can create a new graduate role based on your needs. Two new roles are on offer Mobile Platform Application Developer and Cloud integration architect.

Nomination form

We are limited to 50 places on the program. Once roles require have been decided, a department nomination form is required by the Graduate Team, indicating the number and types of graduate roles required. Department nominations must be received by due date of 29 June 2018 for the 2019 intake.

What’s the commitment?

Departments participating provide a two-year temporary contract at the AO3-1 classification level (or equivalent) to the graduate. Graduates must start with agencies no later than February 2019 or sooner if required and have an end date no earlier than February 2021.

Participating departments will be required to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Queensland Government Chief Information Office (example MOU extract (DOCX, 16.36 KB)). The objective of the MOU is to:

  • clarify the parties’ roles and responsibilities in relation to the program and its graduates
  • foster cooperation and enhance communication and understanding between parties
  • ensure action taken by the parties is coordinated, makes the most effective use of resources and maximises the benefits for both the Queensland Government and the graduates.

Mentors and supervisors

Mentoring and support have been proven as essential for the successful development of the graduate. Once you have engaged a graduate you will be asked to nominate a supervisor and mentor. A separate person for each role of mentor and supervisor is preferable, as they play very different roles. Supervisors and mentors will be invited to the induction to hear about their role in supporting the graduate. This way, all parties involved in the program are provided with an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge – not just the graduates.

Progression and retention

The graduate program team work with graduates throughout the program to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage their ongoing career options. We do this by:

  • providing networking opportunities
  • providing a program-appointed mentor
  • delivering career management workshops
  • assisting graduates to prepare written applications and prepare for interviews

We maintain excellent retention of our graduates, approximately 75% of graduates employed since 2007 are still employed in the Queensland public sector.

Our recent survey of graduates showed most graduates go on to achieve AO4 to AO7 positions within three to five years of completion of the program. Quite a few graduates have gone on to achieve senior roles across the Queensland Public Service. Several previous participants have now taken on a supervisor or mentor role which provides a valuable experience for the incoming graduates.

More information

For more information about the Queensland Government IT Graduate Program please contact;

Debby Ramsay                                  or                           Sally Campbell

Program Officer                                                               Manager Graduate Program

Phone: 07 3215 3930                                                    Phone: 07 3215 3911

Email: ictgradprog@qld.gov.au

Last Reviewed: 18 April 2018