Expand your team with an IT graduate

In response to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic we will be delaying recruitment for the 2021 intake until later in the year. We still intend to recruit a new group of graduates for the 2021 cohort and will seek agencies interest in the program in the coming months. Discussions are being held on how we ensure the program moves forward.

Graduates can continue to register on the Queensland Government Graduate Portal for the 2021 intake, and we ask for your patience and continued support of our program.

Here's your opportunity to join our award winning program and secure a university graduate. Our graduate's want to be a part of something bigger, to lead projects that make a real difference to the communities of Queensland.

The program enables Queensland Government entities to tap into a pool of enthusiastic and bright future leaders. It also allows university graduates to launch their government career in a range of IT-related technical and non-technical roles

All Queensland Government departments, agencies and government owned corporations are invited to participate in the program, managed by the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group (QGCDG).

Be rewarded with a graduate that can help you meet your IT business needs. Our graduate are enthusiastic, adaptable, agile and know how to navigate tech.

The IT Graduate Program's extremely high satisfaction rates speak volumes of it's success. We are a well-regarded, award-winning program that delivers wrap around support to you so you can get the most out of the program and find the best possible graduate fit.

Grow the talent within your team, as around 80% of graduates stay with us post program, filling the critical IT roles that are usually hard to fill and retain.

You will be assured of:

  • a professionally-managed recruitment process
  • a nationally-recognised development program
  • support to find the best graduate fit for your business.

What employers say about the program

‘We wanted to thank you and your team for the efforts that are put into the IT graduate program and for its quality. The coordination and candidate screening/systems, and working directly with Sally and yourself (Debby) (sorry for all the phone calls and emails at the time!) allowed us to still use the program and find our graduate.’

‘I’d like to thank you very much for all you help over the last couple of months. It has been very much appreciated. Can you please also pass on our thanks to Debby who has been very helpful and patient with all of our queries.’

'Professionally managed recruitment and development program, providing a caring graduate network which facilitates career advancement'.

'The program brings new talent, viewpoints and ideas to our work area while helping to shape a newer mind set and help them grow'.

'The professionalism of the program attracts quality applicants and then the on-going support doesn’t end once the graduate commences'.

'We are always short staffed so to have the graduates it has been a god-send'.

About the program


The IT Graduate Program develops a workforce geared for a digital future, by encouraging Queensland Government entities to employ a fully-supported digital graduate.

With digital IT talent notoriously hard to attract and retain, the IT Graduate Program recruits digital experts for technical and non-technical roles in the Queensland Government. Our team can help your business by leveraging the profile of the program, engaging directly with university students and increasing awareness of the benefits of working for the Queensland Government to bring you the best candidates.

What's the commitment?

Participating departments take a graduate for a two-year temporary contract at the A03.1 classification level (or equivalent).

2021 Graduates must start with agencies no later than 3 February 2021 (date to be confirmed) (unless otherwise negotiated) or sooner if required and have an end date no earlier than 3 February 2023 (date to be confirmed).

In order to participate, departments are required to sign an Agreement with the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group.

  • Assign one agency contact (graduate coordinator) as the responsible liaison between your department and the IT Graduate Program Team.
  • Ensure you have FTE number/s positions (at A03.1 level) are available and financial delegation has been approved for two years.
  • Your agency agrees to the upfront payment of $6000 (+GST) per graduate for the two-year term of the program.
  • Understand that graduates will be employed by your agency for the two-year term of the program.
  • With a view to retention by your agency if possible.

Steps to getting a graduate

Read about our program and get a good understanding of the program, the benefits and how a graduate could really help you meet your business needs. Express your interest in taking an IT Graduate by emailing the IT Graduate Team at itgradprog@qld.gov.au

Check your understanding of obligations and requirements of having an IT graduate. Contact the IT Graduate Team to receive the Participation pack including Nomination form. Start thinking about your graduate requirements. Gain a better understanding of the full recruitment, training, agency commitment and costs associated with taking a graduate. Sign, scan and email Nomination form back to IT Graduate Team.

Once Nomination form has been returned to IT Graduate Team, an official Agreement will be forwarded to agency for financial delegate signature. Signed Agreement to be scanned and emailed back to IT Graduate Team.

IT Graduate Team forward pre-screened lists of university candidates (roles requested by agency) plus Recruitment guidelines to participating agency. Agency is responsible to form an interview panel, start the short-listing process, view resumes and videos; and arrange face-to-face (or Skype) interviews. Advise IT Graduate Team of applicants shortlisted.

Complete the recruitment process with face-to-face interviews and appointment your graduate using your unique departmental HR processes. Advise IT Graduate Team of your successful applicant/s. Your new graduate/s start in February 2021 (date to be advised), or earlier if you would like.

How many graduates can you have?

You will need to consider number of vacant full-time employment (FTE) positions at A03.1 level you have available, your budget and workloads.

The number of graduates your department chooses to take on is up to your business unit. Generally, the program numbers are capped at 40 graduates per intake.

Nomination forms are to be returned to the IT Graduate Team with list of graduate numbers and roles required by your business needs, no later than end of June 2020 (date to be advised).

Late recruitment will be considered and must be negotiated with the IT Graduate Team. Late nominations, not only disadvantages the graduate, but creates an extensive workload for the IT Graduate Team of two people.

Graduate roles

There are 24 specific roles that you can recruit for; each requires a technical or selected non-technical degree as a prerequisite.

If there is a specific role you would like filled, contact the IT Graduate Program Manager to discuss the opportunity of creating a new role.


By participating in the program, Queensland Government entities agree to employ a graduate student/s for two years beginning at an A03.1 level. Remuneration is dependent on which department you are with — from $60,605 per year plus super (core public sector).

In addition to their salary, the program costs $6000 +GST for each graduate student.

This fee covers recruitment, training and other expenses, including all of the following:

  • initial recruitment process, including screening, testing, information gathering, video interviews and sorting of graduate roles
  • comprehensive graduate training and development as listed on our training calendar.
  • a tablet for training and day-to-day use. Agencies who chose to provide a device (BYO) for graduates will be discounted $250 per graduate.

Departments will be invoiced for the full cost after the commencement of the program.

Program support

QGCDG will provide you and all participating departments with high level support and guidance. In return you will be assured of recruiting a skilled, creative and innovative university graduate.

QGCDG hosts the whole-of-government program, providing:

  • management of a two-year IT Graduate Program that recruits for both technical and non-technical roles with dedicated resources to take care of all the program needs
  • supporting departments with cutting edge recruitment finding the most relevant candidates
  • encourage business areas provide a welcome event to make the graduates feel a sense of belonging in their new role
  • a three-day induction
  • supervisors and mentor support
  • profession leadership training, lunchbox sessions and networking opportunities
  • comprehensive program marketing, including careers fair attendance
  • continuous improvement of the program based on feedback from departments

The Graduate's recruitment process

The Graduate's recruitment process

Potential graduate candidates register their interest for the program through the Queensland Government Graduate Portal.

QGCDG will view the registered candidates, then work with a recruitment partner to screen, test, video interview and gather information from each potential candidate. Through this process, candidates select two graduate roles that best suit their qualification and interest.

QGCDG provides the final list of potential candidates to participating departments, ranked top to least scorning and separated into graduate role types. Participating departments are responsible to shortlist, interview and appoint candidates in-house following unique departmental HR processes.

Graduate training and development

Graduate training and development

Our training partner Mapien, have worked alongside us to develop an outstanding leadership development program with the majority (80%) of the training being delivered in the first year. Training has a focus on getting the graduate established in their role and supporting them with effective soft skills, leadership and government-focused development.

In the second year, training has a focus on the host department, including how to engage graduates in activities that encourage them to generate innovative ideas for improved business outcomes. This year is an opportunity for departments to set up form rotations, instigate role-specific training and/or challenge graduates with more complex work.

Download the 2019 cohort - two-year training and development plan (DOCX, 53.26 KB)

Download the 2020 cohort - two-year training and development plan (DOCX, 53.03 KB)

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there maybe further changes to current training dates.

Employment obligations 

Employment obligations

Employment of the graduate/s is the sole responsibility of the department, agency or government owned corporation. Any performance issues should be managed by the employer; QGCDG will provide support and advise where appropriate.

The program encourages employers to expand the opportunities available to their graduates to include a broad range of experiences across the business, including rotations, short term acting up opportunities and formal secondments. Opportunities should be given to the graduate and where possible, consideration should be offered for the graduate to retain their formal role (A03 position).

Graduate mentors and supervisors

Graduate mentors and supervisors

Mentoring and support have been proven essential for the successful development of graduate students. Once you have engaged a graduate you will be asked to nominate their supervisors and mentor. A separate person for each role of mentor and supervisor is preferable, as they play very different roles.

A mentor is an experienced professional who voluntarily acts as a friend, advisor and coach to a less experienced person. The process of mentoring is connecting individuals with more advanced experience and knowledge (mentors) with individuals who are less experienced and knowledgeable (graduate) to accelerate their development.

The allocated supervisor of a graduate is responsible for providing and/or facilitating on-the-job and other learning through their work placement in the employing agency.

Supervisors and mentors training will be conducted on day two of Induction, where they will hear about their role in supporting the graduate. This way, all parties involved in the program are provided with an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge - not just the graduates.

Progression and retention

Progression and retention

While it's the aim of the program to retain graduates within the Queensland Government, we understand this is not always possible. The graduate program team work with graduates throughout the program to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage their ongoing career options. We do this by:

  • providing networking opportunities
  • providing a program-appointed mentor
  • delivering career management workshops
  • assisting graduates with resume, application and interview preparation.

We maintain an excellent rate of retention, with on average 80% of our IT Graduates remain in Queensland Government.

A recent survey revealed, most graduates go on to achieve and A04 or A05 position upon completion of the program. Some graduates have landed senior roles across the Queensland Public Service, or re-joined the program as a graduate supervisor or mentor, providing a valuable experience for the incoming graduates.

Learn more

We will still be seeking agency interest for 2021 intake. However, we are unable to confirm dates for recruitment and program commencement due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Please contact the IT Graduate Team to show your interest or if you have any queries:

Debby Ramsay                                  or                           Sally Campbell

Program Officer                                                               Manager Graduate Program

Phone: 07 3215 3930                                                    Phone: 07 3215 3911

Email: itgradprog@qld.gov.au

Last Reviewed: 16 April 2020