Cyber security

In a Cyber Security role, you will evaluate risks so that that Queensland Government can make informed decisions. The role focuses on protecting data and information between government, businesses and citizens. You will help build trust and confidence in government services in a digital world.

You’ll learn how government keeps its systems secure and manage risks. To do this, you will need to be able to assess risks and remain solution focused.

Your responsibilities may include:

  • assist to resolve incidents and monitor security intrusions
  • advising on the management and protection of personal information
  • monitor data transactions in and out of a network environment
  • research the best ways of protecting personal information
  • work with relevant people to provide virus protection defences, review information systems for breaches in security and secure servers from unauthorised use
  • assist to review and prepare policies and procedures around security matters

The ideal candidate will:

  • be able to identify, analyse and recommend solutions
  • have good time management skills and be able to work to deadlines
  • be discreet, have integrity and be able to maturely deal with sensitive issues.

Technical skills and qualifications

Knowledge of;

  • firewall software and operating systems
  • intrusion detection software and system security virus scanning software
  • relevant standards and legislation and risk assessment strategies
  • systems security, web hosting security and network security.

Your degree may be in;

  • Information technology, computer science, information security, information security
  • management, information business systems, cyber security or security engineering.

Last Reviewed: 14 June 2019