Data analysis and database management

Data Analysis and Database Management Graduates have a key role in ensuring the data in agencies is used effectively by government so the community can benefit. They are responsible for assisting with the analysis of data requirements and data capture in agencies. They use database management systems to work out the best ways to organise and store data and are also responsible for the maintenance and security of these systems.

Your responsibilities may include:

  • work with business areas to understand the business context in which data is used
  • apply data analysis, data modelling and design techniques
  • work within development teams to implement project requirements and data models into physical database structures
  • support existing and design new databases
  • monitor database security and performance.

The ideal candidate will:

  • be customer focused and apply a hands-on approach
  • be self-motivated, able to work independently and perform under pressure
  • possess effective time management and communication skills
  • be able to quickly understand complex problems and devise effective solutions.

Technical skills and qualifications

Knowledge of:

  • relational database technology (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft access) and operating systems (e.g. Windows, Unix, chromeOS, macOS).

Your degree may be in:

  • Information technology, information systems or business.

Last Reviewed: 14 June 2019