Digital integrator

The Digital Integrator Graduate assists to support successful integration of digital services with existing and emerging services. As a digital integrator you will need to be future thinker. You will be looking at how government can take advantage of existing digital tools, as well as understanding how these tools can be used to improve customer services.

Your responsibilities may include:

  • researching digital trends to facilitate government’s transition to digital
  • communicate your ideas with colleagues and managers to streamline services to the public
  • analysing how digital will impact the Australian IT landscape
  • build relationships across multiple government agencies. You will assist to guide agencies towards the digital future, helping them see the benefits of a “one government” approach
  • support the adoption of cloud services including infrastructure, platform and software
  • identify application programming interface (API) opportunities. You will scope how agencies currently use API’s and see where advancements can be made
  • understand business assurance and information security requirements

The ideal candidate will have:

  • the ability to analyse business requirements and offer solutions
  • have a good understanding of the current strategies and policies related to digital
  • good research skills with the ability to capture research in succinct reports
  • good interpersonal and written communication skills including the ability to liaise with clients

Technical skills and qualifications

Knowledge of:

  • digital integration
  • IT infrastructure (networks, servers, storage, security etc.)
  • application and systems integration, interfaces, standards and middleware
  • cloud computing platforms


  • Your degree may be in information technology, computer science or engineering.

Last Reviewed: 14 June 2019