Meet our graduates

Image of Rebecca sitting at computer

Rebecca, Science

As a member of the SLATS team within the Remote Sensing division of (HPW) DES, I get to view satellite imagery of different parts of Queensland, mapping everything from vegetation, fire and clouds to new housing developments and mining activity. It is a privilege to be working with such large datasets on a high-performance computing system, with well over 100,000 Landsat and Sentinel2 images which cover the state in a 30-year time series. A highlight has been seeing the impact that Cyclone Debbie has had on the vegetation along the coastline.

Being a part of this team has definitely given me a new appreciation for the Queensland landscape and all it’s beauty!

I look forward to all the opportunities that being accepted into IT Graduate Program will provide, such as the leadership training we receive as a cohort, the ability to learn from people with specialised skills, and the wide range of projects that are available.

Tom, QSuper

I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Computer Science and Computational Science and I applied for this program because I really wanted to get a strong start in the software industry as I begin the early years of my career.

So far, I have really enjoyed everything about this program, especially with learning more about the ways that I relate to people, make decisions, deal with information and organise myself, giving me a more measurable idea of what I’m really like in the workplace. The government writing section, although not used in my role since I’m working for a government-owned organisation and not a government department, turned out to be very interesting and useful, as I could go and use the ideas for this in my current role and in any later career opportunities.

I’m looking forward to being more involved in this program over this year and the next, as I work at QSuper.

2018 Housing and Public Works graduates

Alice and Toby from Queensland Shared Services, CJ and Ben are under Corporate division and Dylan is heading to CITEC ICT.

Sean from Security and Laura our Information Management graduate, both within QGCIO.

Whyisu, Health Payroll

Top 5 things I like about the program…

  • It is a pleasure to work with great group of people who are always willing to help and care about my professional development.
  • I am provided with tasks that I enjoy doing and applicable to my role.
  • I enjoy being faced with challenging problems and finding appropriate solutions.
  • There are many opportunities for networking with other grads and colleagues, hear about their various career paths and offer knowledge about their experiences.
  • I have gained and will continue to gain, invaluable real-life work experience with the Queensland Government.

Sarah, eHealth

I feel very fortunate to be a part of the 2017 intake of the QGCIO IT Graduate Program. The program offers a great mix of highly practical and tailored training for graduates new to the public sector, as well as flexible and varied placement opportunities to get amongst a wide range of skilled and talented people committed to what they do and what they deliver in the IT space.

Currently I am working as a Project Support Officer in a program focused on delivering foundational ICT infrastructure to an array of health facilities across the state. I feel very lucky to have joined such a flexible and adaptive project team within eHealth Queensland - they have been supportive from day one and continue to mentor me every single day on the job.

If you’re interested in working in a fulfilling and engaging grad program with heaps of training and networking opportunities, I would highly recommend that you apply for THIS grad program.

Francis, HPW Science

Applying for the Queensland Government IT Graduate Program was one of the best decisions I have ever have made. I have thoroughly enjoyed the program and believe the amount of professional and social opportunities it opens up are endless.

As a Spatial Information graduate I have been working at the Remote Sensing Centre where we use imagery from satellites and other airborne sensors map and monitor Queensland’s landscape. I have divided my time between the State-wide Landover and Trees Study (SLATS) which studies the changes in woody vegetation in Queensland over different time periods and the Queensland Land use Mapping Project (QLUMP) which maps and assesses land use patterns and changes across the state.

I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with other organisations, a highlight was working with QUT and Star Sapphire productions to create time lapses from satellite imagery which display the aesthetic beauty of our ever-changing landscapes.

Lauren, CITEC IB

Working as a graduate this past year has given me more practical experience than I initially thought possible. Since my commencement at the beginning of the year my skillset has grown exponentially, and it’s been amazing putting my versatility to the test.

At Strategic ICT within HPW I’m currently coordinating all the communications for our new unit for Data Sharing and Analytics. This includes everything from organising regular events for various workshops and forums across government, developing informative documentation on the projects the unit works on, implementing and improving our digital customer experience, and engaging in a multitude of client communications.

The most exciting part is being involved in initiates which you know will have a great benefit to the public. Everyone has been greatly supportive and every day is a new learning experience. Overall the graduate program has been a unique experience full of opportunities and I’m glad to be here.

Stephanie, DET

Applying for the 2017 IT Graduate Program was not an obvious choice for me. Without an IT degree, I was initially unsure if the program would be a good fit. One year into this program, I’m halfway through and so glad that I decided to apply. The training provided so far has increased my skills, experience, knowledge and confidence. It’s been great having so much support while starting my career.

As a marketing and communication graduate, my job involves the publicity and promotion of IT initiatives to Queensland state schools, as well as internally within my department. This graduate program has given me the invaluable opportunity to progress a career in my chosen field and work with some of the department’s senior executives.

Katie, DET Cyber Security

Applying for the graduate program during my final year at university was an easy choice, as I had nothing to lose and a career to gain. I knew that a government position was going to be a great place to start my career and in particular, a graduate program, as it would allow me to ease into the job and learn what was required while working.

As this is my first job in a large-scale corporate environment, it was important to have support and guidance along the way. The graduate program has many positive aspects, and the level of support it offers has been a huge benefit. Being in security, I have had many new and challenging tasks to stretch my skills and knowledge. The team I work in though has been very supportive and understanding when it comes to teaching new things. The graduate program also offers numerous opportunities to meet other likeminded people and graduates through networking and training events. The training events offered through the graduate program are unique and allow us to get to know and understand how we work as an individual or in a group. We have also had training in project management and are being skilled in areas relating to government and corporate working environments.

Overall, I believe the graduate program was definitely worth applying for. After now working in the position for 8 months, I feel more confident in myself and professionally skilled than I did before I started that I know I will have a long-lasting career within IT.

David, Health Payroll

I’ve been working for Queensland Health Payroll for the past few months as a Data Analyst. I’ve been creating queries to extract data from the database, and then using the data to create reports for other areas of QHealth Payroll. I’ve also had the opportunity to create some tools that are used internally by my team which have automated some processes that were once manual.

  • Over the past few months I have been able to learn about the database behind the payroll for all QHealth staff. I have been able to extract data from the database to create reports that have been used make a difference.
  • Both the QGCIO and the QHealth staff have been friendly and supportive throughout the graduate program.
  • It has been great to work in a real-world environment and get some real-world experience.
  • The training supplied by QGCIO will help through my whole career even beyond the graduate program.
  • The graduate program has given me the opportunity to communicate with people in other roles and provide insight into jobs I would be interested in the future.

Cindy, eHealth

The 2017 IT Graduate program has been an amazing experience so far, it started off with steep learning curve, especially trying to remember all of the different acronyms the department uses. But it has not only been about learning, I have also had the chance to take part in the inaugural Graduate Innovation Challenge and meet a number Director Generals.

So, for me the best things about the IT Graduate program have been:

  • The opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge
  • The opportunity to gain real world experience
  • The support of not just my line manager and mentor but from the whole team
  • The chance to explore new areas and work, that I had not considered before

The ability to network with members from different departments and industry leaders.

Michael, QCAA

My experience with the QGCIO IT Graduate Program has been great so far, and I am enjoying the regular networking opportunities with the other graduates. Working at the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), I am faced with challenging problems on a daily basis developing and maintaining software applications, and the support from my supervisor and colleagues have been invaluable in guiding me through these tasks. The school visits I took part in to observe the administration of various exams have also provided some unique learning opportunities. I am very excited for what’s to come in the rest of the graduate program.


What are the 5 best things about the 2017 IT grad program?

  • The new experiences and unique opportunities - I promoted the IT Grad Program at ‘The Big Day In’ at UQ where I played with some cool technology and I was deployed to Bowen as part of the Ready Reserves to assist with Cyclone Debbie Recovery.
  • The people - My supervisor and mentor are simply just amazing people! Massive credit to grad managers Debby and Sally for making the Grad Program so successful by organising all the additional training days and events.
  • The professional development opportunities - I will be completing Business Analysis Foundations course in July.
  • The work - I am about to finish my first rotation and am excited to find out what the next few months hold! There are endless learning opportunities.
  • The flexibility - Being a graduate provides me with the flexibility to find my niche and work on many different projects, in a variety of environments.

Niranjan, Health Payroll

Being on the QGCIO IT Graduate program is an amazing opportunity. It helps a lot of fresh graduates into new and professional careers. It provides a high level of progressive training and development to improve skills within the workplace.

I started my I T career with the Queensland Government in February this year, and working for the government has been my dream, due to the professional development prospects available. I also feel blessed to be working in a great team, where I have received training and space to learn, in a strongly supportive environment. My team members are all very encouraging and friendly. I am very excited to be part of this team and look forward to my career path in upcoming years.

Andy, Science

Being a part of the graduate program and working for HPW has been a fantastic experience so far. Moving interstate for the position was a daunting prospect, but the support from my colleagues as well the training and support from the graduate program has been invaluable in helping me settle in. 
In my role as a remote sensing scientist, I have had the opportunity to be part of the Queensland Land Use Mapping Program (QLUMP). This has involved updating the digital land use map for the Burdekin region using satellite and airborne imagery. It has been a rewarding experience so far, and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Lee, HPW

Since joining the Department of Housing and Public Works through the QGCIO IT Graduate Program I have been challenged with engaging and rewarding projects (such as procuring a replacement cloud contact centre system) that deliver valuable outcomes to the department and community. I have had exposure to senior business leaders (such as our Chief Information Officer) which has provided me the opportunity to interact and learn from them.

I studied Business and Law at university and did not come from an IT background, but I have received tremendous support from my supervisor and mentor to help me grow and succeed. I feel as though my career has been kick started and I would definitely recommend that future graduates apply for the QGCIO IT Graduate program.


My first month of being a graduate in the Queensland government has been a great experience. Working within CITEC Information Brokerage has been incredibly interesting, experiencing elements of both the public and private sector offers a unique insight into both sectors that is fascinating.  
At first, joining as a graduate was quite a daunting experience. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the work that was required of me. However, due to the great atmosphere and friendly and helpful people that I work alongside, my worries were eliminated. I've had the opportunity to work on several different systems and projects, and it's been an invaluable learning experience and it's been extremely rewarding seeing what I've done become crucial parts of the product that CITEC IB delivers. Overall it’s been an awesome experience and I look forward to the future of my graduate program.

Aaron, DET

My first week of starting as a graduate in the Queensland Government was amazing! 
I was given the opportunity to meet my team and others who I would be working with in the future. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming which made it a smooth transition to settle in and get started. I was taken through an induction and promptly put on training on the first day. I found this very informative as it had given me a greater insight into my role and the department.

Eliza, DAF

Information and Technology Partners (ITP) services a wide range of Government Departments. My first week as an ITP graduate was very busy completing inductions, introductions and getting to know the business. I am starting to get into a routine as a Project Support Officer and take on new tasks which is both exciting and challenging. 
My team members have been extremely welcoming and supportive.

Eloise, eHealth

I’ve receive much valuable support from people around the office in my graduates. From the very first week I’ve been learning about how the government works, participating in project ‘stand-ups’ and meetings. I look forward to completing more training like Prince2 in the near future.
During the first week, three fellow graduates and I, were given a project of our own to run involving the migration of files to SharePoint and archiving of hard copies. I’ve now already written a project plan which will be submitted to the program director for approval.
We also got to have fun helping film a video on the current mobility trial in Contemporary Workspace Project. This had us interviewing the program director of CWP and chasing other office workers into being our actors!

Last Reviewed: 09 May 2018