Advancing our digITal future

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A refreshed Queensland Government ICT strategy to improve Queensland’s digital future will be launched later this year.

The strategy, Advancing our Digital Future, has been developed by the Queensland Government Chief Information Office (QGCIO), through extensive consultation with industry leaders, academia, government agency CIO’s, community organisations and the general public.

The new framework will replace the Queensland Government ICT strategy 2013-17, with a focus on positioning the State Government to maximise the benefits of digital technology.

The strategy will help to ensure that the Queensland Government harnesses existing and emerging technologies such as machine learning and the internet of things to improve service delivery for Queenslanders.

It will also contain priorities to make it easier for local startups and small businesses to do business with the Queensland Government.

Advancing our Digital Future will guide future investments and decision-making to improve the use of digital technologies in areas including customer service, innovation, security, privacy, service delivery and information management.

This strategy will recognise that we have to move beyond our traditional approach to information communication technology (ICT). Increasingly, digital technologies will enable Government to deliver proactive and personalised services to citizens and businesses.

Advancing our Digital Future will be released in 2017.

Find out about the journey underway to develop the new strategy, including the research we’ve undertaken.