A new approach to records management

News calendar icon  29 June 2018

Queensland State Archives is excited to announce the release of the new Records governance policy and Implementation guideline.

This policy will support Queensland government agencies on their path to digital recordkeeping maturity and to lift records management capability.

The Records governance policy comprises six policy requirements, replacing the nine principles within the now repealed Information Standard 31: Retention and disposal of public records and Information Standard 40: Recordkeeping.

The policy reflects a flexible and simplified approach to records management, while recognising the diversity of all Queensland Government agencies.

Head here to check out the  Records governance policy and  Implementation guideline. QSA will also be releasing a series of posts dedicated to the new policy on their blog Records Connect.

Need help? Contact QSA at info@archives.qld.gov.au.

Contact: Queensland State Archives of Housing and Public Works, Queensland State Archives

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Last Reviewed: 29 June 2018