Discover the Digital and ICT strategic planning framework

News calendar icon  02 January 2019

If you haven’t seen it, the Digital and ICT strategic planning framework is available to support agencies in the development of digital or ICT strategies, plans, roadmaps, initiative proposals and/or work plans.

This framework replaces the Queensland Government ICT planning methodology.

In contrast to the previous methodology, the framework is not a step-by-step methodology but rather a scalable and modular approach that can be adapted to suit various agencies and planning scenarios.

The framework also offers concepts and tools that can support business planners, digital planners and ICT planners build on their existing knowledge.

The focus of the new framework reflects current best practice on transforming services using current and emerging digital or ICT capability – not just on the management of ICT assets.

It also recognises a growing need to include a greater range of business stakeholders in digital and ICT strategic planning processes.

The framework was developed in consultation with Queensland Government staff and agencies and piloted with Queensland Health. The QGCIO extends its gratitude and thanks to all those involved.

Whilst not mandatory, the framework offers a “better practice” approach for conducting digital and ICT planning effectively and supports agencies in meeting the requirements of the ICT resources strategic planning policy (IS2).

Check out the Digital and ICT strategic planning framework on the QGCIO public website.

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Last Reviewed: 02 January 2019