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News calendar icon  27 September 2018

Our Grads and the IT Graduate Program team have a busy month coming up. Check out what they’re up to!

Australian Association of Graduate Employers’ Conference

Sally and Debby from the IT Graduate Program team, will be attending the Australian Association of Graduate Employers’ Conference being held in Melbourne late October.

Not only this is an excellent training and networking opportunity to meet with other coordinators from across the continent, they are hoping to bring back the Most Popular Integrated Marketing Campaign Award for their 2019 recruitment drive to add to the Awards shelf!

2018 BiiG Network public sector futures conference

Several 2017 and 2018 IT Graduates will have the opportunity to attend the 2018 BiiG Network public sector futures conference being held in October.

The conference has a plethora of innovative and inspirational guest speaks and workshops and gives the graduates an opportunity to network with their peers from across Queensland Government.

Visit to find out more about the conference

DPC Graduate Innovation Challenge

Several IT Graduates will join other graduate programs from across Queensland Government for the DPC Graduate Innovation Challenge scheduled in October.

This year’s challenge will be on Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities. With several themes to choose from under this focus, teams of graduates need to come up with an idea, test their idea and pitch to a panel of Director-Generals from various government departments over the three-day event.

Find out more at:

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