SFIA7 has now been released

News calendar icon  04 July 2018

The Queensland Government adopted SFIA in 2008 (when it was still SFIA4) to help agencies adopt a common language and framework for the ICT workforce and workforce strategies.

Our position is to always align with the latest version of the framework, as significant work has been undertaken internationally to ensure the framework reflects the current and future landscape.

We will be reviewing and updating our documentation over the coming months to align all products to SFIA7.

PLACEHOLDER: SFIA7 presentation

The Queensland Government Chief Information Office will run a presentation on SFIA7 which will be open to all agency staff involved and interested in understanding more about the framework and the changes in the latest version.

Further details will be available in August 2018

Contact transformation@qgcio.qld.gov.au for more information.

Contact: QGCIO-Workforce Transformation of Housing and Public Works, QGCIO

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Last Reviewed: 04 July 2018