Welcome to our new and improved QGCIO website!

News calendar icon  31 October 2017

Welcome to our new and improved QGCIO website. Our website has a refreshed design and a range of new features for you to explore, including enhanced navigation and an improved discussion forum.

As we have improved our website information architecture, you will need to update links and bookmarks to specific content such as QGEA policies as these links will no longer work. You should easily be able to find what you are looking for using the enhanced search feature. Please contact us if you have any difficulty locating content at qgcioweb@qgcio.qld.gov.au

We invite all Queensland Government staff to register and explore the new discussion forums and QRate assurance reviews.

We’d like to thank everyone who has provided feedback on our website to date. We encourage you to continue providing feedback via qgcioweb@qgcio.qld.gov.au or our discussion forum.

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Last Reviewed: 31 October 2017